Protect Her, Protect Future

Theme: Protect Her, Protect Future
Timing: 10:00 – 1:30
Venue: Jai Shankar Sundari Hall
Audience: 600+
Speakers: Iftikhar Islam (Admin. GPRF, Belgaum)
Moinuddin Ibn Nasrulah (President ICGF, Ahmedabad)
All Faiths Attended including people from Govt. department.


The program started on 10:15 am with the recitation of Quran by Maulana Inamur Rahman Sanabili, translated by, Chand Shaikh; followed by the speeches from Iftikhar Islam on the topic “Haya – The Modesty: Protect it to protect future” and Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah on the topic “Women, Protect her to protect future”


The program was followed by an open Q&A session where both the speakers clarified on the issues related to women and modesty by emphasizing on women’s dress code, late marriages, attitude of the society towards women, women’s attitude towards other women, the convent culture, westernization of the society, etc.


Brother Iftikhar Islam emphasized on protection of women and said “women should respect themselves with dignity and behave like the queens of the society” He also said “end of modesty is end of the ethical society”. Brother Moinuddin raised the issues where women were tortured in the past and he took top five women according to his research, were tortured brutally. He further criticized the western society and said “asking father’s name in the western society is an abuse”. “Our society should not follow the west blindly.” He added.

The program got overwhelm response where the audience participants interacted with both the speakers and discussed in detail about the issue and got well satisfactory answers from both the speakers.

The event was well managed by Muhamad Sohel and coordinated by Asifiqbal with the team of ICGF.