Muslim World Under the clutches of Zionism

Gujarat Today, Ahmedabad Date: 16th September 2013 Page: 9
International Organizations were harshly blown By Islamic Call & Guidance Foundation

“Organizations like World Bank, IMF & IFI use to grant loan on their condition and high interest rate. And if any country fails to pay on time their loan amount they used to snatch country’s natural resources. These way Jews bankers want to hold their control on global economy. That’s why Muslim world must not take loan from them as it is prohibited in Islam to deal with interest.” This was the remark of Mr. Hasnain Khan in seminar on the topic: “Muslim World Under the clutches of Zionism” {Musalmaan Dunya Yahoodiyo ke Shikanje me} Organized by Islamic Call & Guidance Foundation.

President of ICGF Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah by quoting eminent scholars, historians of west said Jews were responsible in both world wars. There is a group in Jews called Zionist (Sehuni) who consider non Jews people as animal and they are only responsible behind all anarchies in Middle East, so that they can easily achieve their agenda to establish Greater Israel from Nile River to Euphrates. He also said Attack on America 9/11 was the biggest lie of the world. Jews instigate the wars so that they can sell their weapons and for this they take help from America. But at present time they have changed their policy of direct waging war against countries, as it was creating bad image of United States in the world & moreover they have lost 4 to 6 trillion dollars in Afghan-Iraq War. That’s why now they used to draw countries in civil wars. All these he (Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah) said by quoting the eminent political analyst of the west. He also blown on United National and exposed their hypocrisy. VETO is the most unjust power given to 5 powerful countries which they are misusing to wage war against countries.