Achieve Peace but How?

Prominent speakers and representatives from Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are explaining about the ways of achieving peace.

What is the purpose of your life?

Have you ever given a thought about yourself?

why are you here in this world? where did you come from? where you are going ? and what is the purpose of this Life?


New World Order

Organizations like World Bank, IMF & IFI use to grant loan on their condition and high interest rate. And if any country fails to pay on time their loan amount they used to snatch country’s natural resources. These way Jews bankers want to hold their control on global economy. 

Protect the honor of every girl.

What is the importance of females in the society. How protecting her and her honor protects our future and the society?

Ahmadabad Peace Convention

Scholars from various places has gathered at Ahmadabad for one peace convention.